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Jul 7, 2021

As we're nearing the end of our podcast, this is one of the topics that Adam most wanted to cover.  In our own different ways we both are happier without a belief in God.

Jul 5, 2021

As we're coming closer to the end of our podcast, one of the final topics Lisa wanted to cover is helping atheists and even Christians overcome their fear of Hell.  The main source she used is the book Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife by Bart Ehrman.

Jun 19, 2021

This week we discuss the rise of capitalism and how it benefits the average person, while also recognizing some of its flaws and where it could use some improvement.

Jun 10, 2021

We're wrapping up our entire podcast soon, and we want our last few episodes to cover topics that we feel the strongest about right now.  This week we covered "democratic socialism" and how it measures up to historical and modern ideas of communism and socialism.

May 4, 2021

This week in our catch-up segment, Adam explained how the conversation with his parents went when he told them that his wife also left the LDS church.  Then for our main topic, Adam discussed the legalities required to start a food truck business while Lisa discussed some of the ins and outs of actually running the...