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Oct 30, 2019

This week's review is of a one-woman show found on YouTube, detailing her journey from being a believing Catholic to becoming an atheist.  We chat about how her experiences mirror our own as we left the LDS church and became atheists, and Adam's family's reactions to his coming out of the closet as an atheist.

Oct 22, 2019

Lisa flies solo this episode to talk about the General Conference for the LDS church.  She talks about the good, the bad, and some overall impressions she got of the Conference.  We also have the YouTube channel up and running with our first 6 episodes up so far, and she describes that a little bit, too.

Oct 1, 2019

Today we reviewed another classic movie, "Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", commonly known simply as "Dr. Strangelove".  While Adam and Lisa have very different opinions about this movie, we both recognize the relevance and significance of the film for its time as well as...